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Image by Ariungoo Batzorig


Baby Yak Silk

50% baby yak

50% Silk

25g  = 116 m in strand

Needle size 2.5mm to 3.25mm (US 1 - 3)

Two Asian treasures perfectly combined.

Very fine Tibetan baby yak of the best quality with selected silk threads directly from the Silk Road.

Nua by Carol Feller

Stolen Stitches Nua Sport by Carol Feller

60% merino wool, 20% yak, 20% linen

50g = approx. 140m (153 yds) skein

3mm - 4.5mm needle size (US 4-6)

Tension gauge: 22-24M = 10cm

This wonderful Irish yarn is the result of a creative collaboration

between Carol Feller, the most famous Irish knitting designer, Jeni von Fyberspates

and Andy from Chester Wool.

Nua Sport is a mix of merino, yak and linen. Merino offers a soft and versatile base.

Yak gives the yarn a unique silkiness.

Finally, linen, a fiber with a long history in Irish culture, ensures

for more strength and durability.

The yarn has a natural tweed effect and impresses with its typical color palette

inspired by the Irish countryside.

Seehawer and Siebert

Yalana fine yarn

Seehawer and Siebert

50% yak, 50% merino

100g approx 300m (328 yds)

3mm - 3.5mm (US 2.5 - 4) needle size

natural white

Yak and Sartuul

Yak and Sartuul Yarn


100% Soft Yak and Sartuul Sheep Mix

50g 210m (229 yds)

Super soft yak and sartuul mix yarn 3 ply. Sustainably produced in Mongolia and Nepal. Hand spun and hand dyed.

Image by Sergio Capuzzimati
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