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Aurinkokehrä Garn Naturgarn Shop


Aurinkokehrä, Finland



Hand-dyed Finnish wool, dyed with ecologically certified plant-based dyes.

Aurinkokehrä yarns are spun exclusively from Finnish sheep.

The exceptionally brilliant colors of the collection are created with as few chemical additives as possible, with sustainable, natural colorants and 100% according to ethical principles.


The wool of Finnish sheep is characterized above all by its durability and special softness. The beautiful, natural coloring of the wool forms a perfect basis for a deep and lively coloring with natural color materials.

The wool comes from small Finnish farms. Only the finest qualities are selected for the yarn. This creates a high-quality, long-fiber and soft worsted yarn.

Aurinkokehrä yarn works well with all types of clothing. The colors stay fresh and intense even after washing. This guarantees both knitting pleasure and long wearing of the garments.



Aurinkokehrä's guiding principle of offering a sustainable product that is manufactured without toxic substances and whose production process is transparent is implemented by Anna Vasko, the designer behind Aurinkokehrä, in such a way that the environment and people are harmed as little as possible.

Local Finnish textile production is supported by the use of local materials and traditional know-how strengthens the local economy.

As in many other places, a large part of the wool sold in Finland is imported from abroad. Regional sheep farmers lack the financial incentive to produce their own wool.

Production has shifted to countries where monitoring of working conditions is weak. Dyeing and handling textiles have a negative impact on both the environment and the health of workers. The negative consequences of the rapidly growing textile and wool industry are throwaway consumption, the ruthless consumption of natural resources and thus climate change.

Anna Vasko proves that other solutions are also possible and with her extraordinary products she takes a big step towards a fairer and more sustainable production chain.


Designer Anna Vasko:

Ethics and ecology are the foundations of their philosophy and way of life.

Anna's goal is to create a new, sustainable textile culture. She pays attention to the use of durable, ecological and regional materials and the least possible use of chemicals.

In addition, their products should be simple and easy to care for and reduce the amount of textile waste through longevity.

She decided on Finnish sheep wool and made a worsted yarn from it, which she dyes herself in her own dye atelier in Inkoo and in collaboration with a local dye company.

For as long as she can remember colors and coloring have cared her. Since the 1980s she has increasingly used natural colors in her work. Her participation in the symposium of natural colors ISEND in France 2011 then marked the turning point. The contacts established there with a manufacturer of natural color concentrates gave the impetus to found Aurinkokehrä and to realize the dreams.

With natural coloring you have to know the behavior of the colors very precisely in order to obtain the desired shade. Anna has therefore studied color theory, dyeing and fabric printing in order to be able to develop color recipes at this high level.

At the end of the process, the current Aurinkokehrä color scale was created with its brilliance and diversity. More about Anna and Aurinkokehrä at https://aurinkokehra.fi/


We offer the entire Aurinkokehrä yarn program in our shop exclusively in Germany.

Since this is a lovingly handcrafted yarn, we ask for your understanding if not all yarns are always in stock. So please order sufficient quantities. In the case of hand-dyed yarns in particular, there are color deviations in the different color sections when reorders are made, or it can happen that the yarns cannot be re-dyed.

Aurinkokehrä Garn Naturgarn Shop
Anna Vasko
Biches & Bûches Naturgarn Shop
Biches & Bûches Naturgarn Shop
Biches et Bûches Naturgarn Shop
Biches et Bûches Naturgarn Shop
Biches et Bûches Naturgarn Shop
Biches et Bûches Naturgarn Shop

Biches & Bûches, France


Behind the Biches & Bûches brand is a Scandinavian family who live in France.
Astrid, Caroline and Louise work with passion and commitment in order to be able to supply us with the best natural fibers that have been produced under fair and sustainable conditions.

In addition, they create their own designs for this wonderful yarn.


When Astrid started thinking about a wool company, she was looking for a yarn

with which she wanted to knit her designs.

She was looking for something rustic that was in keeping with her Scandinavian roots. A yarn that can be used to knit garments that can be worn for many years.

A yarn that can be knitted well and is comfortable to wear.

Today the small family business offers us lambswool that is spun in Scotland, as well as fair produced mohair silk yarn from South Africa and a lot more.

More about Biches et Bûches at https://www.bichesetbuches.com/ .


In our shop we have the yarns Le Petit Lambswool and

Le Petit Silk & Mohair and Le Gros Silk & Mohair for you.



CoopKnits Socks Yeah! Naturgarn Shop
CoopKnits Socks Yeah! Naturgarn Shop
CoopKnits Socks Yeah! Naturgarn Shop
CoopKnits Socks Yeah!


At Rachel Coopey, almost everything revolves around excellent sock yarn and socks in all their diversity.

In addition to the very popular sample books for unusual socks, she has also developed great designs for other,

mostly multi-colored accessories such as hats.

We carry some of her publications and the CoopKnits Socks Yeah! with the brilliant color selection not only for socks.

Donegal Tweed
Donegal Tweed
Donegal Tweed, Ireland

Donegal is a traditional company that has been producing one of the best yarns in Ireland with great know-how in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe for decades.


In the small town of Kilcar in the north of Ireland, distinctive yarns with a rich history are created. Donegal has long been very successful and also supplies large, international fashion companies. The success of Donegal is solely due to the great commitment of the local people and the good cooperation between wool suppliers and spinning mill.

What makes Donegal tweed yarn so distinctive?

They are usually single-ply spun with a high lanolin content, and peppered with the characteristic tweed inclusions, which give each strand an unusual depth and complexity. Garments made from Donegal Tweed are light, robust and wearable for a long time.

Different fiber blends are used. Care is taken to ensure that the majority of the fibers are domestic, so that Irish farmers have a reliable source of income for their sheep fleece here.


We offer you the original Donegal Tweed in our shop  from Ireland.


Donegal Tweed Naturgarn Shop
Hélène Magnússon Design by Naturgarn Shop
Hélène Magnússon Design by Naturgarn Shop
Hélène Magnússon Design Naturgarn Shop
Hélène Magnússon Design Naturgarn Shop
Hélène Magnússon Design Naturgarn Shop
Hélène Magnússon Design Naturgarn Shop
Hélène Magnússon - Iceland

Hélène Magnússon is one of the leading knitwear designers in Iceland.

She has both Icelandic and French citizenship and grew up in France. She started her professional life as a lawyer in Paris. One day she changed her whole life and moved to Iceland.

There she learned the language while working on a sheep farm and soon after studying mountaineering and textile and fashion design at the Iceland Academy of Arts. She worked as a cook in winter and as a mountain guide in summer. The diverse skills she learned in those early years shape her work today and make up her unique approach to design and sense of style.

Hélène's passion for textiles led her to extensively research Icelandic knitting traditions. She is the author of two important pattern books on Icelandic knitting. Her expertise has earned her the respect of textile historians and museum curators in Iceland and around the world.

The best way to keep traditions alive is to keep using them. This vision led her to found the Icelandic Knitter in 2010 and dedicate herself entirely to the Icelandic knitting heritage. The aim of Hélène is to revive traditions and breathe new life into them: she publishes unique patterns inspired by the past, produces Icelandic specialty yarns Love Story, Gilitrutt, Katla and Gréla, teaches, gives lectures and organizes hiking and knitting tours in Iceland for knitters around the world. On the way she shares her love for the breathtaking nature of Iceland, her insights into traditions and culture and her knitting know-how through intensive workshop courses, which enable a unique experience and an unforgettable journey to the land of fire and ice. More about Hélène and IcelandicKnitter at www.icelandicknitter.com


We have from Hélène exclusively the complete program Love Story Gilitrutt and Katla as well as some of her sample books and pattern.



Hélène Magnússon
ISTEX - Lettlopi, Iceland
When it comes to traditional Icelandic yarn, the yarn from ISTEX is a must.

ISTEX was founded a few decades ago to continue the Icelandic wool industry, which began in Mosfellsbér in western Iceland in 1896.

The company buys fleeces directly from farmers and processes around 99% of all Icelandic wool. Icelandic farmers own 80% of the company and they participate directly in the company's success.

It is thanks to this extraordinary commitment that ISTEX

can offer natural and sustainable yarns made from pure Icelandic wool.


ISTEX yarns are valued as unique all over the world. They can be used to make garments that are light, comfortable to wear, robust and weatherproof.

Icelandic wool has excellent breathability and thermal insulation.

Over 1,100 years in the subarctic climate and isolation has given Icelandic wool a distinctive character.


The wool is double-coated with a combination of inner and outer fibers. The inner fibers are fine, soft and highly insulating. The outer fibers are long, strong and weatherproof. Together they create a high-quality wool that is light, water-repellent and highly breathable. More about ISTEX at https://istex.is/


We have the Lettlopi yarn from ISTEX  at the shop.


L34_02_Loki_1-300x409 (1).jpg
Kate Davies Designs Naturgarn Shop
Kate Davies Designs - Scotland

Kate Davies Designs (KDD) was founded by Kate Davies in 2010 when a stroke ended her literary career at the age of 36.

As Kate learned to live with the effects of her stroke, she helped herself by starting to knit and designing knitting patterns herself.

She founded an independent publishing company and began producing books that combined her authoring and designer skills.

In addition to creating enduringly popular knitwear collections like Yokes and West Highland Way and collaborating with other designers on projects like The Book of Haps and Warm Hands, Kate also shared her experiences with stroke and the subsequent time in the book "Handywoman" and created an inclusive guide for creative practice. Kate Davies Designs has grown into a successful creative company that encompasses many different aspects of design while always keeping the grandiose landscape of West Scotland in mind.

Whether sweater or poem, everything that Kate and her team do is guided by ideas: The guiding principle is from thinking to doing. In 2015 Kate started developing her own yarn brands for hand knitting. More about Kate at https://www.shopkdd.com/


We carry Kates yarn àrd thìr and a large selection of her books .

Kate Davies Designs Naturgarn Shop
Laine Magazine Naturgarn Shop
Laine Magazine Naturgarn Shop
Laine Magazine Naturgarn Shop
Laine Magazine Naturgarn Shop
Laine Magazine Naturgarn Shop
Laine Magazine Naturgarn Shop
Laine Publishing Oy, Finland



Laine Publishing is Knit Life from the north.
Laine Magazine is a high quality Nordic knitting and lifestyle magazine based in Finland.

This is where natural fibers, slow living, local craftsmanship, and the beautiful, simple things in life are celebrated.

Laine Magazine inspires with its very own creativity and in recent years has established itself as one of the leading magazines in the knitting sector worldwide. Because knitting is more than just stringing stitches together. It's a way of life.


Laine Magazine features designs from the leading knit designers, interviews, exciting travel articles, seasonal recipes and powerful stories.

Since 2020, Laine has also published books that are unparalleled on the current book market.

More about Laine Publishing, Oy at https://lainemagazine.com/


We carry a wide range of Laine publications

as well as the coveted My Knitting Notes notebook.


© mährle

mährle wool

Sustainable wool, which does without long transport routes, raw material imports and exploitation, has long been just wishful thinking.

On its own initiative and after many long hikes, countless exciting encounters and many efforts, the mährle wool team has managed to obtain wool from German sheep and traditional shepherds and to process it in Germany and neighboring countries.

A lot of passion paired with careful treatment of the raw material

and a lot of expertise from the shepherds are the cornerstones of the mährle wool concept.

Just as the shepherds are valued as valuable partners, so do they value and respect their sheep as unique living beings. They are an essential part of the production of this high-quality and sustainable product and mark the start of a new era in domestic wool.  

Called with passion for handicraft and love for nature

Dagmar Fresenius brought the project mährle 2020 into life.

  When Dagmar realized what practices were the order of the day in the wool industry, she relegated her entire collection of yarn to the attic and began working on alternatives. "It has to be better, with a clear conscience towards animals, humans and nature ..!". Today she shows us. Yes it works.

We carry the yarn " Albschaf" from mährle wool in our shop


© mährle

Merchant & Mills, UK
Merchant & Mills from East Sussex in England is unique in its field. The company is growing steadily, developing and bringing high-quality innovations to the market again and again when it comes to dealing with fabrics and the right tools. The owners Carolyn and Roderick travel the world in search of unique and beautiful fabrics and accessories. You will find both aesthetic and practical inspiration. Merchant & Mills products are sold in the world's most prestigious outlets and the company has worked successfully with the London V&A Museum and Alexander McQueen. More about Merchant & Mills at https://merchantandmills.com/
We sell handcraft scissors and stitch markers from Merchant & Mills.
Merchant & Mills Naturgarn Shop
Nomadnoos Yarns by Naturgarn Shop
Nomadnoos Yarns by Naturgarn Shop
Nomadnoos Yarns by Naturgarn Shop
Nomadnoos Yarns by Naturgarn Shop
Nomadnoos Yarns by Naturgarn Shop
Nomadnoos, Switzerland

Coty Jeronimus, the founder of Nomadnoos is an outdoor and nature lover. She is an absolute expert in the field of the textile processing industry and has many years of experience in the textile industry.

Today she works as a textile expert with a focus on sustainability with non-governmental organizations, brands and craftsmen and creates future-oriented opportunities so that she can make a difference and help companies reduce the consumption of natural resources.

During her travels to different countries, she experienced first hand the complexities of the supply chain, including unfair pay and working conditions, and decided to start a transparent yarn business with positive social and environmental impact.

Nomadnoos was born.  Nomadnoos is a hand-spun, exclusive yarn, and through the collaboration with the NGO Terre Filanti, work projects are created at the same time that support the spinners and shepherds. 

Slow fashion is an awareness that is lived here throughout the production chain. It is about buying higher quality clothes that last longer and appreciate fair treatment for people, animals and the planet.

Knitters from all over the world can buy nomadnoos high-quality and exclusive luxury yarns that are sourced and hand-spun from shepherds in Mongolia. More information about Nomadnoos at:  https://nomadnoos.com/

We currently carry the yarn Sartuul , High Mountain Yak and Dry Desert Camel from Nomadnoos.

Coty Jeronimus
Carol Feller Naturgarn Shop
Carol Feller Naturgarn Shop
Carol Feller Naturgarn Shop
Carol Feller Naturgarn Shop
Nua by Carol Feller, Ireland

Carol Feller is a knitting designer and teacher who started out as a structural engineer.

As with many Irish children, she learned to knit in elementary school and knitted cardigans for her dolls and occasionally herself for many years.

There is a history of the craft in her family; Her mother sewed much of her clothing, her grandmother was an experienced knitter and her aunt ran a knitting mill in Dublin.

Carol first trained as a textile artist and then as a structural engineer. Although the two are very different, the influences can be seen in her design work, which is well shaped, convenient to wear and comfortable to knit.

She strives to design clothes with that certain something: not overly complex, but always a very unique end product. She likes to work with different construction methods as long as she can improve the knitting experience.


Carol's designs are featured in books and magazines around the world. She also gives workshops on knitting techniques all over the world. More about Carol and her diverse activities at https://stolenstitches.com/


We carry the yarn Nua by Carol Feller and some of her publications .

Carol Feller Naturgarn Shop

Raincloud & Sage


Raincloud & Sage was the name of a personal blog started and written by Ruth Werwai for several years. Over the past seven years, the brand has grown through many different experimental phases and eventually grown into the business it is today.

In the spring of 2017 Ruth decided to learn how to spin.

She turned to her friend Marty, who lives in a small village in central Germany, and asked him if he knew about the fleeces

of the sheep that sometimes graze in his back yard.

and thought she could use it for handspinning.

An exciting partnership developed from here

and the idea for Raincloud & Sage Yarn was born.

Raincloud & Sage focuses on turning previously unused wool into yarn. Much of the wool R&S buys to create the yarns is incredibly undervalued in the market,

making it difficult for shepherds to find a use for.

The wool often ends up in the garbage or, in the worst case, is even burned. At the same time, yarn is imported to Germany,

so that knitters can use it in their projects.

This yarn is not traceable - it comes from all over the world and is often shipped to multiple locations for each of the different stages of production.

And so R&S decided to take a different route.

Here the entire production process is in one hand.

The yarn is rustic - woolly, a farm yarn that can still be seen to be close to the sheep. It is perfect for sweaters, hats or gloves.

Raincloud & Sage has set itself the goal of ensuring that this unique yarn ends up in the hands of knitters who love good wool

and appreciate a handcrafted yarn.


About Ruth:

Ruth is Canadian, currently lives in Marburg and is co-founder of Raincloud & Sage. She is a fiber artist and lifelong learner. When she's not running her business or chasing after her young son, she can be found reading, walking in the woods, or trying to keep her houseplants alive.


We have the yarns Braven, Nord and Origin from Raincloud & Sage in our range. Please note that these are only ever small batches, and order sufficient quantities for your project.


Photos of this section by: Finlay Burrage



Raincloud & Sage Naturgarn Shop