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PLUKT Tea comes from the municipality of Prauliena, which is located in the northern central part of Latvia.

It is surrounded by fascinating Nordic meadows and forests and the tea house PLŪKT is located in the middle of the landscape.

The PLŪKT team believes that you can grow up from anywhere in the world, as their organic teas are now exported to 14 countries around the globe. By introducing the world with herbal teas from the meadows and forests of Northern Europe, they proudly call themselves the pioneers of Nordic tea culture with a sustainable, environmentally friendly premium range of teas.

A mother-daughter company run by women.
Unique tea blends and recipes are created here,

to offer variations and Nordic tea rituals around the world.

The teas are hand picked and the brand name PLŪKT is a Latvian word that means picked in German.

We offer you the fantastic tea from the north for an optimal addition to the knitting experience.