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We're going on a little excursion :) into the world of sarees.
Real Indian sarees are always made from 100% silk.
For a good reason: silk is one of the finest materials in the world and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
An extraordinary wearing comfort.

Finally a second life is breathed into the sarees.
That's why we couldn't ignore it when we discovered these great unique pieces.
There is only one of each.
Let yourself be pampered.

Second Life saree


100% silk

100% Made in India

Reversible jacket with belt

One size: XS-SM


Finally the saree is given a second life.

Made from recycled 100% sari silk, we offer an absolutely unique piece here.

Nobody has the jacket a second time.

And I can change the color and pattern every day. How nice is that.

Silk is an absolutely noble material in which you will feel very comfortable.

Can be worn just as well as a dressing gown, a jacket on the go or as a blouse for the office.

Image by Varshesh Joshi
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