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  • Private Shopping

    Jeden Mittwoch haben wir für Euch Private Shopping Day in unserem kleinen Ladenlokal in Köln. Damit Ihr Euch in Ruhe umsehen könnt, ohne auf Mindestabstände und andere Dinge achten zu müssen könnt Ihr in unserem Kalender kostenlos Eure Private Shopping Stunde bei uns buchen und wir öffnen den Laden zur verabredeten Zeit nur für Euch. Wenn Ihr mit einer vertrauten Person oder Euren Kindern kommen möchtet, ist dies selbstverständlich möglich.

  • Stricken für Anfänger*Innen

    In 1,5 Stunden lernst Du bei uns alle notwendigen Grundtechniken des Strickens. Anschließend kannst Du alleine bereits ein Kleidungsstück herstellen. Wir erklären Dir mit Spass und guter Laune den wichtigen Anfang. Danach wirst Du entweder nie wieder eine Stricknadel anfassen oder nie wieder von ihr loskommen :). Wir halten den Workshop in Deutsch oder Englisch. Zahlung wird vor Ort am Kurstermin fällig.

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  • Inspiration No. 3

    Photo by Amy Hymer Children love colors and often cannot decide on a favorite color, why should they? And we don't like leftovers. So why not this wonderful rainbow sweater for the kids? You can also take a very simple pattern here, simply knit a tube of the desired length and width and attach two tubes as sleeves and simply knit straight down. For those who prefer to knit from instructions, here's one by Amy Hymer on the Little Rainbow Sweater: Amy loves rainbow colors. As a result, you can find her as @rainbow.folk at Instagram. Which yarn do you use best? Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers.

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  • Natur Garn Shop - Naturgarn - Slow Fashion - Organic Yarn

    We remain open over the summer. You can order online or in our new shop stop by in Cologne's Agnes quarter. We look forward to your visit. Yarn Yarn Overview Books/Magazines Print Welcome to the club Yarn from Germany R & S - mährle - Wendelstein Yarn from England Susan Crawford Vintage More yarn from England West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn from Finland Aurinkokehrä Yarns from France / Scotland Biches et Bûches Yarns from France / South Africa Biches et Bûches Yarn from Ireland Nua by Carol Feller More yarn from Ireland Donegal tweed Yarn from Iceland Hélène Magnússon More yarn from Iceland ISTEX - Lettlopi Yarns from Scotland / Peru Kate Davies Designs Yarn from Sweden Ull from Öland Yarns from Switzerland / Mongolia Nomadnoos Shetland yarn Shetland Croft Tweed Aran Sock yarns Coop Knits Socks Yeah! More sock yarn Hélène Magnússon knitting kits knitting kits Tops for spinning Accessories Knitting accessories Knitting needles Seeknit bamboo needles from Japan stationery stationery macrame Cotton yarns Made in Germany our brands Della Q Donegal ISTEX Kate Davies Designs Emma Lawrence Design Kinomy Laine Publishing Linen Tales LinenMe Mährle My Knitting Place Nomadnoos Nua by Carol Feller PLUCT Tea Raincloud & Sage Seehawer & Siebert Shetlandwool Adventures Susan Crawford Vintage Ullcentrum Wendelstein Merino West Yorkshire Spinners Alex Clark Design Aurinkokehrä Biches & Bûches CoopKnits Socks Yeah! Hélène Magnússon Ilovehandles Krak Chocolade Merchant & Mills Mindful Mantra Embroidery Paul Dittus Seeknit Vaupel & Heilenbeck Natur Garn Shop - Naturgarn - Slow Fashion - Organic Yarn Woher kommen unsere Garne? Your online shop for Organic wool, natural yarns, linen products, embroidery, high-quality books and magazines, and accessories Homemade clothing, homeware and are simply something special, whether to keep or to give away. Everything revolves around yarn in the Natur Garn Shop in the middle of the Agnesviertel in Cologne: Hobby knitters and professional artists can stock up on materials for new creative projects to their heart's content in our shop. In the Natur Garn Online Shop you can buy yarns from mainly European production: In addition to English yarns, we also offer yarns from countries such as Ireland, Iceland and Sweden as well as high-quality yarns from a fair trade project in Mongolia and Nepal. When purchasing our goods, we pay close attention to the origin, processing and husbandry conditions at the production sites. In addition, we now offer you a separate category with embroidery products and threads as well as linen ribbons from a German manufacturer and embroidery kits from England. Shop online now and get creative! In the Natur Garn online shop, creative people will find real specialties: let yourself be inspired by the uniqueness of our manufacturers.

  • Magazines | Natur Garn Shop

    Laine Magazine No. 15 - September 2022 moorit. No. 3 - September 2022 On its way to us: Laine Magazine No. 15 moorit No. 3 Get it now: Laine Magazine Subscription Abo -15% Laine Magazine Subscription €76.50 Regular Price €65.03 Sale Price View Details magazines Pre-order now moorit Issue 3 Price €28.90 Pre-order now Laine Magazine No. 15 Price €25.50 New Shetland Wool Adventures - Journal Vol.4 Price €23.50 Abo -15% Laine Magazine Subscription Regular Price €76.50 Sale Price €65.03 sale Laine Magazine No. 14 Regular Price €25.50 Sale Price €20.40 sale Laine Magazine No. 13 Regular Price €25.50 Sale Price €20.40 sale Laine Magazine No. 12th Regular Price €25.50 Sale Price €20.40 sale Laine Magazine No. 11 Regular Price €25.50 Sale Price €20.40 sale Laine Magazine No. 10 Regular Price €25.00 Sale Price €20.00 Shetland Wool Adventures Vol 4 Shetland Wool Adventures Vol 4 Shetland Wool Adventures Vol 4 Shetland Wool Adventures Vol 4

  • Sorting according to lengths | Natur Garn Shop

    Our yarns sorted according to run lengths in m / 50g 0 bis 100m : Albschaf 100g/180m àrd-thìr 50g/65m Braven 100g/140m Bluefaced Leicester Roving Yarn 100g/150m Inselschaf 100g/180m ISTEX - Álafosslopi 100g/100m ISTEX - Jöklalopi 100g /60m ISTEX - Lettlopi 50g/100m Jacobs Yarn Aran 100g/166m Le Gros Lambswool 100g/192m Lillemor´s pure wool 50g/100m The Croft - Shetland Tweed Aran 100g/166m 100 bis 150m: ​ Aurinkokehrä DK 100g/210m Bluefaced Leicester DK 100g/224m Excelana DK 100g/247m Illustrious Naturals DK 100g/225m Jacobs Yarn DK 100g/225m Katla Sokkaband 100g/220m Le Gros Silk & Mohair 50g/148m Le Lambswool 50g/170m Nua by Carol Feller 50g/140m Origin 100g/200m Ullgarn 2ply Sportweight 100g/300m Wendelstein Merino Garn 100g/220m 150 bis 200m: ​ Aurinkokehrä Fingering 100g/360m Donegal Tweed 50g/190m Nord 100g/350m Yalana 100g/300m Mohair Seide undyed 100g/300m > 500m: Aurinkokehrä Lace 50g / 600m 200 bis 500m: Aurinkokehrä Two Ply 180g/1000m Baby Alcpaca undyed 100g/400m Camira 100g/466m CoopKnits Socks Yeah! 50g/212m Dry Desert Camel 50g/265m Fenella 25g/129m Gilitrutt Tviband 25g/112m High Mountain Yak 50g/265m ISTEX - Einband 50g/250m Le Petit Lambswool 50g/248m Le Petit Silk & Mohair 25g/212m Lovestory 25g/225m Nepal Sheep goes Bananas 100g/400m Pamir 100g/400m Sartuul 50g/265m Yak & Sartuul 50g/210m

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