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100% Swedish natural wool

Ullcentrum's vision is to work in an environmentally friendly and organically healthy way, using clean, traditional and natural materials such as wool, linen, hemp and wood where possible. There is no mass production and the company strives to use as few resources as possible

and to offer all employees good working conditions.

Ullgarn from Sweden is a yarn that is highly valued all over the world.

This results in long-lasting garments.

Ullgarn 2ply sportweight

Ullcentrum, Öland, Sweden

100% Swedish wool from Öland

100g = approx. 300m (328 yds) skein

2-ply yarn

3mm - 4mm needle size (2.5 - 6 US)


Ullcentrums Sportweight is a yarn

made from pure Swedish wool from Öland.

This is an extremely versatile yarn,

which can be used for a variety of projects.

This yarn is also suitable for use with hand knitting machines.

Swedish wool yarn is strong, soft, easy to knit

and is also ideal as a warp yarn for weaving.

It's also good for felting.

Ullcentrum's Sport Weight yarns are available in a variety of exquisite colors.

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Ullcentrum was founded in July 1998 by Ann Linderhjelm in Öland, Sweden and has been continuously developed ever since. See also: Our brands

Image by Christian Widell
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