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Donegal Tweed
100% virgin wool

Donegal Tweed

100% virgin wool with tweed inclusions

50g = approx. 190m (208yds)

100g = approx. 380m (415 yds)
3mm - 3.5mm needle size (US 2.5 - 4)


Donegal Tweed is THE Irish, sustainable traditional yarn par excellence.

It is typically monofilament spun with a high lanolin content, and riddled with the characteristic tweed inclusions that give each strand an unusual depth and complexity.

Garments made from Donegal Tweed are light, strong and durable.

Various fiber blends are used.

Care is taken to ensure that the majority of the fibers are domestic, so that Irish farmers

have a reliable source of income for your fleece here.


In the early 1900s the establishment of a carpet factory in Kilcar increased the demand for woolen yarn and a commercial spinning mill was established.

This plant brought the skills needed to produce a 'Donegal' yarn on an industrial scale. Initial development was spearheaded by the state-sponsored Congested Districts Board, tasked with creating jobs in areas historically dependent on agriculture and cottage industry.

During the establishment of the Free State government in the 1920s, responsibility was passed to Gaeltarra Eireann by the Congested Districts Board.

In the mid 1970's 'Gaeltarra' built a new spinning mill in Kilcar to supply the local knitwear industry and targeted national and international markets with their tweed effect yarns. More info here .

Image by averie woodard
Image by Colin C Murphy
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