Our yarns at a glance

There is another way - that's what our partners thought when they realized the conditions under which some yarns are manufactured.


When producing sustainable yarns, treating people and animals with respect is paramount along the entire production chain. Our partners pay attention to a fair and transparent manufacturing process. In order to avoid long transport routes, they use as many local materials as possible. The sheep wool for our natural yarns comes from small Finnish farms, Icelandic farmers and German shepherds, among others. To support local textile production, the wool is often spun and processed in the immediate vicinity, often by hand. Mainly natural, non-toxic substances are used for coloring, as are increasingly vegetable-based colors.


Sustainable yarns are particularly durable due to the high quality of the new wool and the gentle processing. The natural yarns ensure special knitting enjoyment and a good feeling when wearing - not only on the skin. Thanks to their robust fibers, the yarns can be processed into hard-wearing garments that can be worn for a long time. They represent a high-quality, resource-saving alternative to fast fashion.


Sustainability and quality are not mutually exclusive - on the contrary. For your next knitting project you can buy sustainable yarn from us: Whether it is a piece of clothing or a home accessory - our diverse selection of high-quality natural yarns has something for every project. Click your way through the colorful selection of our manufacturers and let the quality of their products convince you!