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Thank you for finding us.

We would like to briefly introduce you to the guiding principles of Natur Garn Shop:

We offer our customers worldwide a carefully selected range of natural yarns, which are preferably produced in small factories in Europe. Where this is not possible, we ensure that transport routes are kept to a minimum.  

We select our offer primarily based on the following criteria:

- Sustainability

- environmental sustainability

- Production without animal suffering and under socially acceptable conditions

- Wool from small flocks, not mass-produced

- individual coloring according to strict, environmentally friendly guidelines

- Lowest possible use of water and energy

- personal and cooperative collaboration with manufacturers directly (no intermediate trade)

- reasonable price structure (no low prices)

We get a lot of inquiries from manufacturers and middlemen, which we reject because the above criteria are very important to us and we want to promote both the sustainable production of yarns and the slow fashion principle (less is more).

We also want to show our customers that it is possible. Nobody has to buy inferior yarn, make inferior clothing, and then mourn them for not being worn or for ending up in the trash.

How much nicer and more sensible is the story of a hand-knitted sweater that has been worn for years and possibly passed on within the family.

And so we are at the heart of the Natur Garn Shop project. We want to pass on love. The love for quality, high-quality materials, beauty, creativity and longevity. Anyone who has ever held a high quality and an inferior yarn at the same time knows what feelings this triggers :)

If you are a manufacturer of such loving yarns or a hand dyer with high standards and style, and you can imagine selling your yarn through our shop, then get in touch with us.

Send your request directly by email to: or use the contact form below.

We look forward to you and a fruitful cooperation.

Knit: be happy

Anja and the Natur Garn Shop team

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We are Europe distributor
for Hélène Magnússon products.
Please email retailer inquiries directly to:

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